Engine 15 Brewing Company



So, this post should have been posted before Running for Brews – Atlantic Beach post Wednesday. However, I needed to review my beer notes after imbibing 2 strong and wonderful beers! And after meeting a few nice cyclists and the cool couple at the bar (Tonya and her husband!)

Let me just say that Engine 15 has Colorado Tommy Knocker and Left Hand Brewing on tap- shout out to my Colorado peeps! Boy, do I miss that Tommy Knocker Pumpkin Ale!

Anyway, back to Engine 15! My first beer of course was a pumpkin beer. ‘Tis the season. The Engine 15 Pumpmaster was sweet but not the kind of sweet that gives you the sugar shakes. It was spicy and sweet – just the way I like my men…I mean beer.

Second beer of the night…let me think! Oh yes, it was the Kentucky Bourbon. A nice, smooth beer that went down way too easily.

Both of these brews were around (9% ABV).  No wonder I forgot to take copious notes. I promise to be a better beer blogger the next week!

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Running for brews – Atlantic Beach


11/14/2012 + 11/21/2012

Last night was my 2nd 5K down at Atlantic Beach / Poe’s Tavern (poestavern.com)
Can’t remember the beers I tried last week (too busy meeting new running buddies), but this week I have to say I stuck with the old familiar Yuengling. I was going for something light and smooth before gorging on Thanksgiving goodies today!

Even though my beer choice last night was lacking creativity, the trainer for running for brews highly recommended Jai Alai beer by Cigar City. I have to say my sample of this IPA was a pleasant surprise: dark, smooth, enough hops to enjoy but not leave an unpleasant after taste! This might have to be my exploration into IPA beers.

Here’s to trying new things and bold beer!




First place I tried for micro brews was Kickbacks in downtown Jax! 84 beers on tap – woo hoo! Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed with this being my first beer experience as a resident of Florida. The bar was eclectic and bustling on a Thursday night. However, what it had in decor was lacking in personality. I tried two Pumpkin ales and wasn’t impressed with either. The bartender was hidden behind the bar taps – challenging to get his attention to say the least! I was killing time to wait for rush hour traffic and decided to try the food there. I got the blackened shrimp wrap with mashed potatoes. It was pretty good but took an hour to receive!

Will I go back to try the other abundant beers on tap? Not right now at least. Onto local and friendlier places!