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Running For Brews: Poe’s Tavern – Atlantic Beach



Running for Brews @ Poe’s Tavern:

What an awesome night! Even though it was slightly raining out, the troops pushed out! Over forty runners in total! I ran my fastest 5K yet. Yippee!

What better way to celebrate than with brews after the fun run! Poe’s Tavern has been a great host for the Running For Brews gang. Great location and fabulous peeps!

Alright, onto the beer talk! I must confess…my first beer was Yuengling lager! Just for you rookies, it is the oldest brewery in the US. Also, you can’t find this beer out west! I love my Colorado beer, but this beer is a great light beer that just hits the spot! The smooth flavor of  savory roasted caramel malt combined with cascade and cluster hops to finish it off. Yum!

Well, it was just going to be a one beer night until my new friend Nicole talked me into another. How could I resist? Of course I had to branch out and try a new brew. Second beer choice: Green Room Pablo Beach Ale (5% ABV). A subtle IPA described by the brewery as an American style pale ale. Darker than a lager and full of robust hops.  I look forward to visiting the no food, beer friendly Green Room in the near future! I have heard only good things!

Comments are enjoyed or join me for a night of beer tasting! The more the merrier!

Cheers and happy beer drinking!