Engine 15 Brewing Company



So, this post should have been posted before Running for Brews – Atlantic Beach post Wednesday. However, I needed to review my beer notes after imbibing 2 strong and wonderful beers! And after meeting a few nice cyclists and the cool couple at the bar (Tonya and her husband!)

Let me just say that Engine 15 has Colorado Tommy Knocker and Left Hand Brewing on tap- shout out to my Colorado peeps! Boy, do I miss that Tommy Knocker Pumpkin Ale!

Anyway, back to Engine 15! My first beer of course was a pumpkin beer. ‘Tis the season. The Engine 15 Pumpmaster was sweet but not the kind of sweet that gives you the sugar shakes. It was spicy and sweet – just the way I like my men…I mean beer.

Second beer of the night…let me think! Oh yes, it was the Kentucky Bourbon. A nice, smooth beer that went down way too easily.

Both of these brews were around (9% ABV).  No wonder I forgot to take copious notes. I promise to be a better beer blogger the next week!

Comments are appreciated!




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